7 Must-Have Decorations for Holidays: Making Spirits Bright!

7 Must-Have Decorations for Holidays: Making Spirits Bright!

Hey there fellow holiday enthusiasts! It's that heartwarming season again! Despite the chilly air outside, there's this unmistakable warmth that fills our homes and hearts. Every year, I eagerly dive into the festive spirit, transforming my home into a Christmas wonderland. The decorations? Oh, they're not just adornments. They're delightful reminders of the upcoming family gatherings, the hearty meals we'll share, and the joy of exchanging gifts.

So, if you're wondering how to bring that special holiday magic into your space, here's my personal list of 7 must-have Christmas decorations:

1. The Christmas Tree

Let's start with the heart of all festive decor – the Christmas tree. For Christmas trees, every detail counts. A hobby that has grown between my friends and I is collecting Christmas baubles. We try to find interesting ones with for example, the current year, or relating to a nostalgic memory of that particular year to add to our collection. For myself, I have some colourful baubles on my tree that make me smile while I reflect on the past years. To finish the tree, I love wrapping it in ribbons of gold and silver. And around its base, I usually scatter some cotton to mimic snow, and maybe add a cute little village scene for some added charm.


2. Christmas Wreath

A front door without a Christmas wreath feels like Santa without his reindeer. I always opt for a wreath with hints of red berries and gold accents. It's the perfect welcoming touch for any guest. You can use a natural handmade wreath but if you want it to last longer, artificial ones are a good option.


3. Bunch of Mistletoe

Positioned just right, this little plant can be the source of many Christmas giggles and smooches. I hang my glitter mistletoe right in the doorway; it's tradition after all!

4. Garlands 

For me, garlands bring a sprinkle of magic and colour to any space. I drape them over my stair rails intertwined with twinkling lights. The door frame looks wonderful with the garland on it too!

5. Stockings 

The Fireplace will look empty without the stockings! Whether they're embroidered, or plush, stockings are a charming reminder of childhood and the eager anticipation of Santa's visit. Let's not forget our furry pets as well! I hang a pet stockings for them and put some treats that they can have for Christmas! After all, they are a part of the family. 

6. Snow Globes

There's something utterly mesmerizing about snow globes. Each one is like a miniature world, frozen in the moment of winter season. I have a small collection, each telling it's own festive story. I love placing them on my mantle or side tables, where they can catch the light and draw the eye. 

7. Christmas Dish Sets

Every meal feels like a feast when served on my special Christmas dish set. I always match it with Christmas-themed napkins. It sets the mood for a delightful holiday meal.

Bonus: For my fellow greenery lovers, don't forget some Christmas foliage! From poinsettias to sprigs of holly, these festive plants truly green up the holiday vibes.


There you have it, my treasured holiday decorating list. It's a blend of tradition, elegance, and heaps of personal touch. What are your must-have decorations? I’d love to hear from you!