6 Emotions Best Expressed Through Flowers

6 Emotions Best Expressed Through Flowers

Let's admit it, we all have different ways to convey our feelings. Some of us find it easy to express it through words but most of the time, it's actually our gestures, the little things that we do, that create the most impact. For those who find it easy to show sentiment through gifting bouquets, flowers offer a meaningful language. They bridge the gap between hearts and whispering thoughts our words might fail to convey. After all, while actions often speak louder than words, actions accompanied by flowers resonate the deepest.

So let's dive into six core emotions that flowers can portray:

1. Love and Intimacy: Love, for each of us has many shades. It can be an initial spark of romance, lifelong commitment, or acknowledgement and celebration of the years we have spent with our loved ones. Making them feel special on each occasion by giving them a bouquet of flowers, makes our expression of love more colourful. When thinking of love and flowers, red roses and tulips are the best choices for every Valentine’s dates and anniversaries. And if you're still paving the path to someone's heart, a flower subscription can ensure they're constantly reminded of your sincere affection.

2. Happiness and Joy: Friends and family are one of those people who makes our lives lovely and full of joy. The bond that we share with them is both precious and genuine. They stand beside us, cheering for accomplishment, and supporting us throughout our journey.  Such unwavering support deserves a heartfelt  appreciation and giving them flowers is a good way to express it. I suggest Yellow roses and sunflowers because of their striking yellow colour. Symbolizing joy and sunshine, these flowers will draw smiles on their faces and light up their day. 

3. Sorrow and Sympathy: When we face tough times or lose someone dear, sometimes words just don't seem enough, do they? I've always felt that flowers, in their silent beauty, speak volumes. A comforting embrace, a patient ear, and a thoughtful bouquet can mean the world. Have you ever noticed how white lilies and chrysanthemums show up at funerals? They're like nature's gentle way of saying, "I'm here for you." When words fail, these flowers whisper our deepest condolences.

4. Admiration and Respect: Everyone has that shining moment where they feel truly seen and appreciated. I remember giving my mother a bouquet of pink roses during Mother's Day. Her expression was priceless! and it made me so happy. Pink roses and orchids are the flowers that express respect and admiration. They are a perfect tokens for our supermoms or grandparents who spoil us with wisdom (and cookies). They set a special mood for a special catch -up chats and for those "I am so proud of you!" moments.

5. Innocence and Purity: There's just something undeniably pure and honest about white roses and daisies. To me, their white colour symbolizes innocence and purity in its truest form. If you're aiming to convey a message of sincerity and genuine intentions with no hidden agendas, I wholeheartedly believe these flowers are the way to go. After all, white has always been a symbol of purity, and these blooms wear it beautifully.

6. Hope and Rebirth: Life is like a roller coaster, full of its highs and lows. But throughout the adversity in life, we manage to get back up and start again. With the help of our loved ones, we find strength to fight and do our best. Personally, making time for my family and friends whenever they need me is important. What else can complete my visit than a bouquet of flowers. Calla lilies and Daffodils symbolises hope and rebirth. They are my blooms to go to for hospital visits, attending baptism  or visiting a friend to lift their spirits up and remind them to keep going and never give up.

With the crazy pace of life these days, I often find that we get so caught up in our schedules that we miss out on those genuine heart-to-heart chats. That’s why I always believed that blooms are beyond flowers! They can be a good messenger for our deep feelings and it has a unique way of telling us to pause and smell the fragrance of life because that’s what truly matters.